Who is Doc Thornton?

Straight out of America's colorful past comes a truly remarkable entertainer unlike any other!

Magician, mind reader, musician, and more, seasoned showman Doc Thornton is accomplished in so many forms of entertainment, he's essentially a one-man variety show!

Specially selected at a tender age by the Head Wizards of the highly eclectic South Carolina Academy of Magic (SCAM), Doc was rigorously instructed in the methods of legerdemain and thaumaturgy, quickly moving up the ranks while becoming formidably adept at conjuring, sleight-of-hand, illusion, and prestidigitation.

Since graduation from SCAM at the top of his class, Doc has traveled the world in search of magic & mystery while performing for celebrities, royalty, dignitaries, and other dreadfully important persons.


Simply put, you won't believe your eyes as Doc astounds, confounds, amazes, and amuses with his magnificent and memorable magical presentations!

Additional training in the Mystical Arts have gifted Doc with unique and uncanny psychic abilities - he'll read minds, predict the future, and see the unseeable with his highly-honed clairvoyant powers.

You'll also find yourself tantalized by Doc's abilities of memory and lightning calculation, all acquired by the imbibation of special elixirs and tonics developed by Doc through many years of study and research conducted at his own top-secret scientific lab.

But it takes more than magical and mental skills to become qualified as a Wizard Deluxe!

Doc is also a musical prodigy, capable of playing many different instruments. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, and even the Great Highland Bagpipes make appearances in his deluxe Magical, Musical Wonder Shows!

And providing back-up when Doc plays, as well as background music for his shows, is a totally unique musical ensemble, just returned from their first world tour, Hubie and the Humbugs!

To be so tiny, the Humbugs add a lot of sound - as well as fun and humor - to the Wonder Show!

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